How to Discover Key Words for Search Engine Optimization

May 5th, 2008

keyword discoveryFirst let’s understand why we need to research key words.

It is commonly known that many businesses try to improve the key word density within their website. They are optimizing their site for the search engines. In the end, they expect to get more site traffic and customer conversions.

From my experience, you cannot assume or guess how people search for your product or service, and leave it at that. If you do, I am sure your website traffic will be limited and you may have a hard time growing site traffic and your customer base. The most surprising key words can actually get you site visitors who convert to customers. Each business is unique. I have been through the key word discovery process a lot and have constantly been surprised at some of the key word strings that can bring website visitors. Once you discover some search strings, you can ultimately optimize one page within your site and receive even more customers.

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Comparing Website Optimization to Search Engine Optimization

April 28th, 2008

search engine and website optimizationIt is important to note that website optimization is different than search engine optimization. I sometimes hear people interchange them – thinking they are the same thing. If you search on the net for website optimization, you will also get results that equate it to SEO. Guess what? I think they are wrong! Many larger online retailers know the difference between the two, and it was clearly dissected for me at last year’s Internet Retailer Conference in San Jose. I really think all website owners have a lot to learn from multi-channel merchants online as they already have this down to a science.

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What is Search Engine Optimization

April 21st, 2008

What is SEOIn most simplistic terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of tactics to make your website show up in the search engine results pages (and for the most part the first page or top 10 organic results). This process is to increase your website traffic with relevant visitors who may convert into customers or give you the desired interaction.

Those visitors will use certain key word strings (two to three words and most likely not your company name, unless you’re Nike or Sephora). You will need to somehow figure out what those key word strings are and tweak your SEO strategies constantly to get the desired effect.

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Multi Dimensional Online Marketing Tips

April 4th, 2008

Multidimensional marketingRecently, I went to Vancouver’s Massive Trade Show and Conference. Two conference tracks I attended are the Online Marketing 101 track (with Chris Breikss from 6s Marketing, David Scott from Entellium, Fred Vallaeys from Google, and Joanne Acri from Yahoo) as well as the New Media track (with Monica Hamburg, Warren Baxley from InterCall, Rebecca Bollwitt from E-xact Transactions, Linda Bustos from Elastic Path). They all had great suggestions for website owners, as well as beginner and advanced online marketers!

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Search Engine Submission Budget for Small Business

March 25th, 2008

search engine submission budgetMy experience suggests that, as a new site owner you may need to be cautious with regards to search engine submission companies. Once a published e-mail address is on your website, you can very likely be bombarded with sales e-mails like: “Get your website listed on hundreds of search engines for only $49.00!”- Seriously, run very fast, and don’t respond to those messages- you’ll get 10x the amount of spam in your inbox if you sign up with them. And the promises of such offers are exaggerated. It is not as easy and fast as they claim!

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