About Us

Seed The Web is an excellent bridge between your marketing department and your IT department and engineers. Assisting you with your advanced Google Analytics projects in these areas:

Web Analytics Planning & Strategy

  • Audit of current Google Analytics architecture
  • Define business analytics objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Create an actionable roadmap
  • Develop a plan for preserving existing data and build on it

Requirements & Implementation

  • Interview stakeholders on requirements
  • Define and document requirements into use cases
  • Submission of use cases and trouble tickets into your preferred systems
  • Translate requirements and support engineers/IT teams
  • Document custom architecture and revisions
  • Liaise with Google Support should complicated questions arise on the implementation (Premium only)
  • Support engineers with data validation and quality assurance of custom tracking
  • Custom configurations for views/profiles, conversion funnels and user engagement goals


  • Create custom segments to uncover actionable insights into user behavior
  • Create custom report templates
  • Create custom dashboards inside or outside of GA
  • Document and train power users on how to use/copy/edit custom reports and segments


  • Orientate power users after the implementation on where to find the new data
  • Advanced training of how the new data can be used
  • Handover and in depth explanation of all documentation pertaining to the new architecture


  • Custom web analysis and interpretations for actionable areas