Twitter Coffee Wars – Nespresso Roll Over, Tassimo is on to Something

September 30th, 2009

coffee tweetsYesterday I had a sneak peek of a fairly good social media strategy on twitter with Tassimo Canada (coffee machines and capsules). Being a huge coffee lover myself (it’s on  my twitter bio), I think that is why I was a target of this campaign. Next week, I will be receiving a Tassimo coffee machine with a starter kit for free!

Even though I did say “fairly good social media strategy”, there’s lots of room for improvement with Tassimo’s Twitter campaign (maybe they have plans on rolling out a more integrated plan in near future?). Needless to say, I am impressed with their efforts and interactivity. They are on to something that Nespresso (their competitor) doesn’t really “get” quite yet.

How Tassimo May Win Me Over as a Coffee Fan
I believe that Tassimo didn’t know that I was a long term Nespresso coffee fan (for 3 years) who recently became unimpressed with the Nespresso brand on Twitter. Nespresso never responded to a tweet of mine nor did they follow me back when I tried to engage with them. Let’s just say that I take things personally.

Check this out, this is what I tweeted about Nespresso on Sept 10, 2009 (19 days ago):

tweet about nespresso

And check this out, they are following no one at all as of yesterday, and people can’t even dm them if they wanted to:

Nespresso profile

To this date, I have not received a response to my tweet, nor am I being followed back by Nespresso on twitter. Doesn’t my tweet call out for love? Why doesn’t Nespresso reach out to me? Any company that really “gets”social media would turn that around in a minute by responding and follow me back!

And here’s their twitter page yesterday (below). They are still NOT following anyone but I do see a few more interactions. That is, a few more than they had on Sept 10th.  Look at their time-line before this past week, it’s all a one-way broadcast account. Maybe they are catching on slowly?

nespresso twitter timeline

So I feel that Nespresso is taking my hard earn money and not even recognizing me as a customer. Right now, our household is going through 4-5 Nespresso capsules a day. That is $3.00 per day and $1095 per year and over $3000 for the  next 3 years! (and to boot, the machine itself was $300).

For Nespresso to be so brand driven in all traditional ways (nice brochures, print and really slick kiosks), they are failing on Twitter. They can really rock this area. So many people are talking about coffee in general and their brand. They can be following every single person who talks about Nespresso, retweeting them and interacting. Check out the screen shot below, just in the last 4 hours 15 people talked about Nespresso. They should be following thousands of Nespresso customers and trying to interact and convert coffee lovers to their brand!

Nespresso Search

Move on Over Nespresso, Here’s What Tassimo is Doing
Tassimo is reaching out to people who tweet about coffee – I’m one of them.

Here it is:

Tassimo Tweet

At first I was very happy, but a little skeptical and tweeted this back out:

My tweet to Tassimo

Were the others more skeptic than I? I wondered?

You bet, I think Calgary News dm’d them asking if it was legit. Shortly after Tassimo tweeted back this to them:

Tassimo Tweet to Calgary News

Soon after I was emailed twice by the Tassimo Canada team and they confirmed that it is legit and the coffee machine is being delivered to me next week.

Great thanks Tassimo, a coffee company that interacts with myself. I’m kind of liking this – move on over Nespresso.

Tassimo, I’d like to see how you take your Twitter initiative further, you have potential!

What Tassimo Can do to Improve Their Social Media Campaign on Twitter:

I am going to share my thoughts on how I would improve Tassimo’s Twitter campaign to make it a more effective, integrated and trackable.  Who knows, they may be rolling out other tactics in near future (in stages as well), but these are my thoughts from first glance.

Tassimo’s Twitter Campaign Has Two Shortfalls and Can be Fixed Easily:

  1. Lack of Credibility – I was skeptical if this campaign was really legit, because of the twitter profile page didn’t send the right impression to me first off. It had a missing bio/description and no website URL. It wasn’t fully transparent to me on who was really behind it.Tassimo twitter profile

  2. Lack of Viralocity – this campaign needs some coffee evangelists behind it from ground zero (before broadcasting the lucky recipients) , also adding an element of a contest will help it become more viral.

I Would First Do These Changes:
Before broadcasting the good news to more people on twitter that they are getting a free Tassimo machine, I would tweak these areas:

  • Add a website link to the Tassimo Canadian website from Tassimo’s Twitter profile.
  • Better yet, instead of a link to the website homepage or product info link, I would link it to a blog with coffee tips that is integrated well within the overall Tassimo Canada website.
  • Give a bold and flavorful Twitter bio that screams coffee with a personality.
  • Tell us who is behind the twitter account. If it is a team of people, tell us too. I like how Kontent Creative displays their contributors on their Twitter page.
  • Pimp out the background page better (left hand side)
    • Show other channels and contact info (Tassimo seems to have a Facebook page, but it is claimed by a merchant and not by the corporate team)
    • Show where can people buy Tassimo in Canada by adding very small logos on background left side of twitter background possibly (eg Canadian Tire, London Drugs, Walmart, Sears, Bay etc.)
    • Add a small bit of information of Tassimo or its top 5 features/differentiators on the background left side.
  • Build a following base before broadcasting the lucky recipients. Run the twitter account for 1-2 weeks and interact with coffee lovers to grow Twitter followers to a few thousand. Then when broadcasting out the campaign, they would have a large audience who may retweet or ask how they can get on the VIP list to test it out. Just giving more exposure for the brand and gain more followers.
  • Mix up and add in some tweets that are coffee related and build momentum before launching this campaign. At first glance of their timeline with the broadcasts, it looked like a spam Twitter account to me. It seems like they just opened up this account and launched the broadcast campaign. So that when the campaign is launched others that are not receiving the machines may notice your tips and want to follow Tassimo twitter channel.

Then. I would try to integrate and track the campaign more.

  • For those who are notified that they are receiving the machine. Have a landing page with the information on what to expect, what the machine is about and possibly cross promote other channels like Facebook, blog, product info page.  This way you can track how many read on and  click through to other pages on the site. The use of an URL shortner that tracks clicks from Twitter and tracking code on the landing page can give some great insights.
  • If this campaign was integrated with Tasssimo’s Facebook page, it would become even more viral. Some people do have their twitter updates feeding into Facebook. So Tassimo can gain more exposure with a Facebook page and integrate the broadcast and updates on their page and to their fans.
  • Spin the campaign like a contest so others can try to win a machine and have a landing page for the contest details. It would be a great tactic to get tons of people retweeting Tassimo’s contest. Huge for brand awareness and also can automatically get more followers. Make sure a URL shortner is used to track these retweets though, so you can tweak and see what gets’ retweeted more.
  • Instead of having the recipients DM Tassimo on twitter with their emails then further emailing Tassimo with their shipping address, have a form on the landing page so they can simply fill out their shipping address with the matching twitter handle.  Decrease work for yourself.

Ok, I gotta run because I need a coffee. I can’t wait to try my Tassimo next week and I may put my Nespresso machine in the cupboard at that point.

Update Oct 1, 2009 – and  starting following me back on Twitter. Very nice to see! They also Dm’d me the following “Hello, we read your post. We have indeed just started to interact with coffee lovers on Twitter and can’t wait to have rich conversations.”

Update Oct 3, 2009 – I noticed that Tassimo has tweaked their campaign. They now have a great landing page that hilites Tassimo’s features as well as other products and has two contests; one for Tassimo (win one of 100) and the other for a kitchen giveaway ( Their online twitter campaign is more integrated now, and I am sure they will get better results and able to track some valuable metrics! The one thing that they could do is actually integrate Twitter on the landing page/micro site (add the tiwtter link, add a Tweet this link with autofill, add their twitter feed to show what’s being talked about on twitter).  Some people may get to this page without even knowing Tassimo is on twitter and a “tweet this” fucntionality can allow people to easily tell their friends about the two contests!

Update Oct 12, 2009 – I noticed that the has now followed back a total of 586 fans on twitter and engaging more with @’s etc. Very nice to see!

Update Oct 12, 2009 – Fed Ex tried to deliver my Tassimo machine, but I wasn’t home. I should get it later this week. Looking forward to trying it!

Update Oct 22, 2009 – I have received my Tassimo machine. I have tried the Cuppacinno, Expresso, Chai Latte and Breakfast Blend. My favorites are the Cuppacino and Expresso so far. Yum.

Have some comments or suggestions for Tassimo Canada that I may not have covered, please comment below.

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3 Responses to “Twitter Coffee Wars – Nespresso Roll Over, Tassimo is on to Something”

  1. greg on September 30, 2009 10:16 am

    What’s funny is to see all this back-and-forth bickering over offers, deals, customer replies, and machines. And yet both companies make sad excuses for coffee.

    Even if it’s no wonder, given they originate from Nestlé and Kraft respectively — who have been making mass-produced commodities of flavorless consumables for eons.

  2. Fred on September 30, 2009 3:01 pm

    we can do better than this, sorry!
    For US & Canada, we have a special Twitter page on top on the one you tested

    I hope you will enjoy your Nespresso anyway.

  3. admin on September 30, 2009 5:40 pm

    Thanks for the comment and follow on twitter Fred. I’ll be sure to follow you back.

    It’s finally nice to see a Nespresso representative that actual interacts with me now… after I have done this blog post ;) .

    Curious, I wonder why Nespresso has two official twitter accounts – which one is really the official one? Maybe the accounts should be merged together, so brand enthusiast can follow and interact with one account. You can set up a co-tweet program as well.


    Shannon Yelland

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