Seduction is a Social Media Tactic to Build Your Brand online.

September 24th, 2008

seduction in social mediaJust last weekend, I attended Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas (poor me!). I think the conference could have been called “Social Media World” instead. It was a great event to understand social media overall (i.e., micro blogging, external blog commenting, social media interaction, social media tagging, video and much more).

One of the many seminars I attended was “How to Seduce Your Tribe and Create Raving Fans” presented by Deborah Micek ( – she was a ball of fire and passion!

Micek explained her revolutionary way of marketing without selling. It is all based on her theory on tribal seduction via online interactions. Most marketers and businesses do it backwards and she explained the best practices to focus on while scraping conventional marketing approaches. It’s a 180 degree mind shift from “me to” marketing the herd (old school mass production underestimating the buyer) to tribe mentality (new school down to earth style).

  • It’s about reaching out and being people-focused. Having relationships at ground level.
  • It’s about participation – you must reach out and dance with your tribe.
  • It’s about persuasion and – giving what they want. (I.e. something free, value added tips, something relatable etc…) And most likely NOT your feature set of products or ROI sales sheets.

Micek stated “People buy who are you and what you sell” – it’s a soft sell.

I can relate to her theory and I am trying to educate some of our executive team that we have to “dance” and have personal relationships with customers and it will turn into a sale at one point or another. I’m a true believer of axing the old school hard sell and traditional marketing tactics to build a company brand.

Micek recommends that if you are new to social media, Twitter is a good place to start with this social interaction. You must not get stuck on the technology; tribal seduction is not about the technology – it’s about relationships, commonality and grass roots. There are many social media tools and channels (blogging, podcasts, online video, social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and other social media tools like tagging/ reviews). New tools will constantly pop-up over time.

This new media marketplace is about the market (your tribe which can consist of the band, clan or individual) and you (which should be the main focus).

E3: Be emotional or entertaining or engaging to connect.

“People are tribal, business is personal” is the most important thing to remember. Micek made us repeat it out load. It totally makes sense in this new media world and we have tools available that can help us find and reach out to our tribes. Twitter is one sample of a perfect tool to carry out this overall strategy for your brand because:

  • It helps with WOM=Word of Mouth Marketing – and it is on speed.
  • It’s tribal and you can easily connect with individuals in your tribe with similar passions, interests, values, likes, dislikes. These tribes can be professional and passionate (sub-culture).
  • It is PR – helps get your brand out.

Follow C.H.A.R.M tips to get your brand on twitter and you will be on your way to reaching out to your tribe and potential customers:

  • Captivate attention
  • Hook emotion
  • Advance trust
  • Radiate desire
  • Motivate to action

Think about tactics that are applicable to your brand that can help you to engage with your existing followers or gain new ones:

  • Associate your product with something that is pleasurable. Think about your tweets on how you can entertain or trigger engagements.
  • Think tribal communications. They should be natural – we are human beings.
  • Seduce and don’t molest. Don’t slam followers with your company news. Maintain channel congruency and mix it up – give them some value.
  • Don’t just send them to your business site – they like to see your blog or other interesting sites that you have stumbled upon.
  • Use an art of persuasion. The seduction is YOU not your product! Let your personality shine through.
  • Polarize people.
  • Be controversial.
  • Try to trigger an emotional response.
  • Think about what is your brand. Who are you? What do you represent? And portray it.

Did I miss an insight? Or want to share your take on this topic – feel free to comment on this post!

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