Social Media Strategy – Tips for Attracting Influential Bloggers

May 30th, 2008

how to attract bloggersEnticing influential bloggers to blog about your company can be a very successful online marketing tactic. This is such an exciting topic that I wanted to share some examples of social media strategies and tips to help you execute them.

This is a continuation from my “How Social Media Can Help You With Your Online Marketing Strategies” blog after attending Darren Barefoot’s The Many-Armed Starfish: Social Media Marketing 101. Some key take-aways are incorporated below.

This is a great tactic if influential bloggers write about you or your company, it can reach a large network of people (potential visitors to your site), help with your search engine optimization and page rank, and your overall company branding and awareness.

How can it reach so many people?
Large influential bloggers may have their blogs fed into a huge web network that is tapped into subscribers, aggregators (dynamically pulled through sites that serve posts in real time), directories, search engine results and social tagging sites. If it is a high-traffic blog, it can literally tap into hundreds, thousands or even millions of readers!

11 tips on how to entice bloggers to write about your company:

  1. Pitch a story in an unusual way – I would not be surprised if a site like TechCrunch gets at least 25 pitches per day. So don’t send the same kinds of pitch the others are, or you won’t be given a second.
  2. Show your creativity – Send something creative, yet relevant. Don’t send a press release or dry marketing fluff.
  3. Make sure the story you are pitching is newsworthy – Pitch an event, product/company launch, something innovative, or something that is time-sensitive.
  4. Don’t send a blanket pitch – If it is evident that you blasted an e-mail to a bunch of bloggers, it will be ignored. Customize it and be personable and down to earth. Know the author and talk to him/her. Corporate sales tactics won’t work.
  5. Try to offer exclusivity – Bloggers may want to be the first to blog about a story if it is a huge. They want to be on the cutting edge of their topics or expertise.
  6. Make sure you understand and relate to the blogger – Research the author and question yourself if it is a complementary blog to what your story is about. Sometimes you can read the blog author’s biography or understand the objective or theme of the site just by reading a few posts. Know whom you are talking to and talk his or her language.
  7. Give schwag – Some bloggers like to receive free giveaways and I bet that something that comes via snail mail or Fedex can possibly receive more attention than e-mail.
  8. Beware – Understand a journalist vs a new-age blogger. Some journalists can get freaked out if you are too personable and creative.
  9. Pay it forward – If you have a blog of your own, post or comment on the blog. You can use this tactic to return the favor (after they blogged about you) or use it as a tactic to get their attention before sending them your pitch. If you have a fair amount of traffic and first blog about them, they may be aware that you sent them traffic if they watch their server stats or have a reputation management service (like Google Alerts). So when you send in the pitch they may want to return the favor. Note: this is usually with smaller blogs as the larger ones cannot review all the server stats and may not notice you. You can also send them a quick e-mail saying “Hey I blogged about you, check it out here…”
  10. Be persistent – Don’t get disheartened if you were turned down or not noticed. Try following up, but be courteous with the timeline and your persistence – don’t stalk them either.
  11. Make connections before you need them. Mediocre marketers try to befriend bloggers when they need them. Good marketers befriend bloggers before they need them.

Other tips on getting bloggers’ attention:

If you want to share similar experiences on this topic, I encourage you to leave a comment!

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