How to Increase Your Online Newsletter Subscriptions

February 16th, 2008

increase email subscribersNewsletters (one form of email marketing) are one of the best ways to build up a targeted list of potential customers you can sell your products or services to or even up sell to current clients. Some of the best email marketers believe that a successful newsletter program is a gradual process and a good way to connect with your potential clients.

So let’s assume that you provide some kind of news that your subscribers love reading and view as very useful. But maybe you’re a little disappointed that your list isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to.

Here are five simple recommendations that you can implement today to increase the number of subscribers signing up for your newsletters:

  1. Make signing up easy – don’t add a button, then expect the user to click on it to another page with a form. Insert a subscribe box directly in your web page with two fields (keeping it very simple). Don’t bombard your subscribers with other questions, they’ll get turned off and may not sign up. You are only asking them to dance with you, you are not asking for their first-born.
  2. State your policy clearly – Link to a privacy promise and stick to it. No one will sign up for your newsletter who is unclear whether you resell names to your partners or suppliers. Subscribers need to know you are a trusted source. If you have some business certifications, logos on your site etc, maybe place them near to the subscriber box.
  3. Be clear on what subscribers are getting and link to a sample – Make sure your label subscription box includes a clear title. Try using “Free Newsletter”, “Free Tips”, “Latest Updates”, “E-mail Offers”, “Monthly Newsletter Tips” etc… Try testing to see what works best for your business. Also, offer a link to your archives so they can get a sneak peek of past issues before signing up.
  4. State the frequency in your subscribe box – Nothing is so annoying than thinking you signed up for a monthly newsletter and you receive multiple e-mails the first week. Your subscribers may unsubscribe just as fast if you surprise them. Or how about when you sign up for a newsletter and you don’t even receive one? Make sure you state the frequency of your newsletter upfront within your subscribe box (for example: daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly) and your subscribers will not be disappointed nor will they unsubscribe.
  5. Add sign-up form to every page – Based on my experience, I usually sign up for a newsletter after reading an incredibly interesting article on the site. And I would usually come into the site from the back door and not even land on the home page. If you have your subscription link on your home page, but your links page gets lots of traffic, those people will never see that you have a newsletter. Increase your exposure and you will increase your subscription rate. I found that some of the sites I managed in the past, would get 1 to 3 percent sign-up conversion per month with regard to total unique visitors. So if you had 10,000 visitors per month you may have from 10 to 30 additional subscribers per month for this tweak alone.

If you want to share similar experiences on this topic, I encourage you to leave a comment!

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